Teofimo Lopez's Unimpressive Victory: A Circus Act or a True Champion?

Avi Farah

By Avi Farah

Published February 9, 2024

Teofimo Lopez made quite the entrance to the ring, emulating Hugh Jackman's 'The Greatest Showman' with a top hat, ringmaster robe, and even a sword eater. The spectacle, however, was not reflected in his uneventful junior welterweight title defense against Jamaine Ortiz.

The Fight

The bout resulted in a unanimous-decision victory for Lopez, but the Mandalay Bay crowd was not impressed, expressing their discontent with constant boos. Lopez, with a record of 20-1 and 13 KOs, managed to retain his WBO title at 140 pounds but failed to dazzle the audience or dominate his opponent.

Lopez's Frustration

Expressing his frustration, Lopez criticized his opponents for their lack of aggression, stating, 'If you ain't ready for this life, get the f--- out of my sport.' Despite his victory, Lopez was clearly dissatisfied with the lack of action in the ring and the failure of his opponents to engage.

Ineffective Strategies

The punch statistics reflected the lackluster nature of the fight, with neither boxer landing many shots. Lopez struggled with Ortiz's rangy jab and found himself unable to effectively close the distance. Ortiz, with a record of 17-2-1 and 8 KOs, strategically avoided engaging with the champion, frustrating Lopez further.

Lack of Adaptation

This was not the first time Lopez faced challenges with slick southpaw boxers. His failure to make strategic adjustments, such as cutting off the ring and targeting the body, was evident in this fight, echoing his performance against Sandor Martin in December 2022.

Ortiz's Performance

While Ortiz, a 27-year-old New Englander, displayed impressive footwork and utilized his jab effectively, he ultimately fell short in the eyes of the judges. Despite gaining recognition for his competitive performance against Vasiliy Lomachenko, Ortiz was unable to secure a victory in his first title shot at 140 pounds.

The Verdict

In the end, Lopez secured his first junior welterweight title defense, but the lack of excitement and action in the ring left much to be desired. As a rising star in boxing, Lopez's performance, while victorious, raised questions about his ability to adapt to challenging opponents and deliver thrilling fights.