Empowering Diversity: Jefferson University's Initiative to Increase Black Doctors

Morgan Gallagher

By Morgan Gallagher

Published February 14, 2024

At Jefferson University, a student organization called Black Men in White Coats is making strides to increase the number of Black doctors. Second-year medical students at Jefferson's Sidney Kimmel Medical College are actively involved in this initiative.

Inspired Mission

The organization is driven by the intention of boosting the representation of Black men in the field of medicine. Co-founder Kevin Carolina, drawing from his personal experiences, is committed to addressing the impact of the lack of diversity on health outcomes within the Black community.

Addressing Healthcare Disparities

Citing high rates of disease, health complications, and mortality among Black individuals, the members of Black Men in White Coats aim to combat the historic lack of trust in White doctors and the scarcity of medical professionals of the same race.

Diversity in Medicine

Despite improvements, the representation of Black doctors remains disproportionately low, with only 5% of doctors being Black, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. The organization is dedicated to increasing these numbers and fostering a more inclusive medical community.

Inspiring Future Generations

The students involved in this initiative seek to serve as role models for aspiring Black doctors, aiming to inspire and support a new generation of diverse medical professionals.

Community Engagement

In addition to supporting each other, these future Black doctors are actively involved in underserved communities, providing essential services such as screening checks and working to enhance access to quality healthcare for Black individuals.

Uplifting Black Voices

The overarching goal of the organization is to uplift Black voices, create positive change within the school and the broader community, and ultimately contribute to a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system.