Study Suggests Woman's Waist Size Could Affect Infertility

Avi Farah

By Avi Farah

Published December 25, 2023

A recent study has suggested a potential link between a woman's waist size and infertility, shedding light on a possible contributing factor to the struggle that many couples face when trying to conceive.

Research Findings

The study, conducted in China, involved over 3,000 women of reproductive age. It revealed that the likelihood of getting pregnant decreased as waist size increased, regardless of the women's body mass index (BMI). Shockingly, for each 1 cm increase in waist circumference, the risk of experiencing infertility rose by 3 percent. The research also found that women with the largest waist sizes had over 2 ½ times higher chances of suffering from infertility compared to those with the smallest waist sizes.

Impact of Physical Activity

In a positive light, the researchers highlighted that engaging in moderate physical activity can potentially reduce the risk of infertility associated with abdominal obesity. This emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle for women who are trying to conceive.