Exploring Potential Spinoff Ideas for Netflix's Wednesday Series

Alex Patel

By Alex Patel

Published December 25, 2023

Netflix's hit series, Wednesday, has captivated audiences with its fresh take on the iconic Addams Family characters. While a potential spinoff around Uncle Fester is in the works, there are numerous other compelling spinoff ideas that could further expand the Wednesday universe.

Morticia and Gomez’s Prequel Era

One intriguing spinoff concept revolves around delving into the early days of Morticia and Gomez’s love story, as glimpsed in the first season of Wednesday. With the remarkable casting and captivating flashbacks featured in the show, there's a rich opportunity to explore the origin stories of the Addams Family members, offering fans a deeper understanding of this enigmatic clan.

An Addams Family Reunion

Another enticing spinoff idea centers on reuniting the entire Addams Family in a dedicated series. While Wednesday briefly referenced other iconic family members in the show, the potential for a series focused exclusively on the kooky group is undeniable. This could include the introduction of characters like Cousin Itt, Grandmama, their pets, and even Wednesday and Pugsley’s infant brother, Pubert, offering fans a comprehensive exploration of the family's eccentric dynamics.

Keeping Up With Laurel

The character of Laurel Gates, portrayed by Christina Ricci, presented a compelling potential spinoff avenue. Exploring how Laurel Gates infiltrated Nevermore Academy as Marilyn Thornhil could offer an intriguing narrative, providing insight into her manipulative tactics and adding depth to the Wednesday universe.

An Interview With a Hyde

Additionally, a limited series focusing on the mysterious monster and Wednesday's ex-boyfriend, Tyler, who transforms into a Hyde, holds significant promise. Delving into Tyler's perspective and the events leading up to Wednesday's arrival at Jericho could offer viewers a fresh and immersive storyline, shedding light on compelling untold aspects of the series.