Empowering Diversity in Medicine: Black Men in White Coats Promoting Health Equity

Lauren Baxter

By Lauren Baxter

Published February 12, 2024

A student organization at Jefferson University, known as Black Men in White Coats, is on a mission to increase the representation of Black doctors in the medical field. These second-year medical students at Jefferson's Sidney Kimmel Medical College are dedicated members of this student organization, committed to addressing the underrepresentation of Black men in medicine.

Championing Diversity in Medicine

Kevin Carolina, a founding member of the group, was inspired by his own experiences to address the impact of the lack of diversity on health outcomes in Black communities. He emphasized the importance of increasing the number of Black men pursuing careers in medicine, recognizing the challenges that come with this journey and the need for support and guidance.

Addressing Health Disparities

According to the CDC, Black individuals have disproportionately high rates of disease, health complications, and mortality. This is partly attributed to a historical lack of trust in White doctors and the limited availability of medical professionals from the same racial background. The efforts of Black Men in White Coats aim to combat these disparities and improve access to healthcare for Black communities.

Promoting Representation and Role Models

Nathan Delacth, another member of the organization, highlighted the significance of having role models who reflect the diversity of the community. The group is committed to inspiring and supporting future Black doctors, aiming to create positive change within their academic institution and the broader community.

Advocacy and Community Engagement

In addition to their academic pursuits, these aspiring Black doctors are actively involved in community outreach initiatives, such as providing screening checks in underserved areas and advocating for improved healthcare access for Black individuals. Their ultimate goal is to uplift Black voices and foster positive change in healthcare equity.