Empowering Black Doctors: Jefferson University's Initiative to Increase Black Representation in Medicine

Avi Farah

By Avi Farah

Published February 10, 2024

Jefferson University in Philadelphia is taking strides to increase the representation of Black doctors in the medical field through the establishment of the student organization, Black Men in White Coats.

Addressing the Lack of Diversity in Medicine

The group, comprised of second-year medical students from Jefferson's Sidney Kimmel Medical College, aims to tackle the underrepresentation of Black men in medicine. Kevin Carolina, a founding member, emphasizes the need to address the lack of diversity and its impact on health outcomes within the Black community.

Inspiring Future Black Doctors

The initiative is driven by the desire to inspire and support more Black individuals to pursue careers in medicine. Nathan Delacth, another member of the group, highlights the importance of providing role models for aspiring Black medical professionals.

Community Engagement and Advocacy

Beyond their academic pursuits, the members of Black Men in White Coats are actively involved in community outreach, aiming to improve access to healthcare and uplift Black voices. This includes initiatives such as organizing screening checks and advocating for better healthcare for underserved Black communities.